Passing Mutable Objects to an Untrusted Method

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Sending non-cloned mutable data as an argument may result in that data being altered or deleted by the called function, thereby putting the calling function into an undefined state.

Applies To

  • Languages: C/C++ or Java
  • Operating platforms: Any


In this example, bar and baz will be passed by reference to doOtherStuff() which may change them. Unexpected changes to these variables could cause problems in later code:

int foo;
complexType bar;
String baz;
otherClass externalClass; 
void doStuff() {
externalClass.doOtherStuff(foo, bar, baz)


  • Integrity: Data could be unexpectedly tampered with by another function.


  • Failure to clone mutable data before passing to an untrusted method.
  • Failure to perform integrity checks on mutable data that has been passed to an untrusted method.


  • Implementation: Clone all mutable data before passing it to another function. Regardless of what changes are made to the data a valid copy is retained for use by the class. Another option is to pass any data which should not be altered as constant or immutable.

Vulnerability Patterns

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