Race Condition in Time of Check, Time of Use

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Time-of-check, time-of-use race conditions occur when between the time in which a given resource is checked, and the time that resource is used, a change occurs in the resource to invalidate the results of the check.

Applies To

  • Languages: Any
  • Platforms: All


The following example shows a potential time of check, time of use problem:

struct stat *sb;
// it has not been updated since the last time it was read
printf(“stated file\n”);
if (sb->st_mtimespec==...)
print(“Now updating things\n”);

Potentially the file could have been updated between the time of the check and the lstat, especially since the printf has latency.


  • Access control: The attacker can gain access to otherwise unauthorized resources.
  • Authorization: Race conditions such as this kind may be employed to gain read or write access to resources which are not normally readable or writable by the user in question.
  • Integrity: The resource in question, or other resources (through the corrupted one), may be changed in undesirable ways by a malicious user.
  • Accountability: If a file or other resource is written in this method, as opposed to in a valid way, logging of the activity may not occur.
  • Non-repudiation: In some cases it may be possible to delete files a malicious user might not otherwise have access to, such as log files.


  • Failure to lock resources so that they may not be modified between time of check and time of use.


  • Design: Ensure that some environmental locking mechanism can be used to protect resources effectively.
  • Implementation: Ensure that locking occurs before the check, as opposed to afterwards, such that the resource, as checked, is the same as it is when in use.

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