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Using the value of an uninitialized variable is not safe.

Applies To

  • Languages: C/C++
  • Operating platforms: Any


The following code checks the value of foo without having initialized it:

int foo;
void bar(){
 if (foo==0) /.../

The value of foo is not guaranteed and can change on each run.


  • Integrity: Initial variables usually contain junk, which can not be trusted for consistency.
  • Authorization: Strings which are not initialized are especially dangerous, since many functions expect a null at the end of a string.


  • Failure to initialize variables before use, especially when used in a logical condition.


  • Requirements specification: The choice could be made to use a language that is not susceptible to these issues.
  • Design: Mitigating technologies such as safe string libraries and container abstractions could be introduced.
  • Implementation: Assign all variables to an initial variable.
  • Build: Most compilers will complain about the use of unitinlizazed variables if warnings are turned on.

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